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Titan Stainless Steel Basket Stretchers

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Cáng cứu thương Titan Stainless Steel Basket Stretchers
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  • Easier on the hand – top rail a full 25mm in diameter for easy handling over extended periods.
  • Stronger and more reliable – back support moulded from durable high-density polyethylene.
  • Eliminate cuts and scrapes – employs Durathene netting instead of jagged wire mesh.
  • Safe and secure – with 4 stretcher restraint straps to keep casualties firmly but gently secured.
  • Can accommodate larger patients – wider version of the Regular Titan Stretcher available in stainless steel.
  • More options than ever – single piece or split (ideal for helicopter rescue), regular or tapered, all complete with StratLoad fixing points as standard.
  • Convenient storage – Split Basket stretchers nest together when split.

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